MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. /TASS/. A forum, devoted to management of the Russian Arctic's innovative development, will take place in mid-September in the Arkhangelsk region's Severodvinsk at the branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. The forum's participants will discuss the Arctic zone's growth points and will pay special attention to development of mono-industrial cities, the University's press service said on Tuesday.

"Development of the Arctic territory is an important stimulus for development of industrial clusters, complexes, for formation of common innovative space," the press service said. "Thus, at the forum Management of the Russian Arctic Zone's Innovative Development" experts will discuss growth points."

"The project's head, leader of the conference's organizing committee Elena Bogdanova says the Arctic mono-industrial cities should become an important growth point and impetus for the Arctic's innovative development, thus the forum will take place in Severodvinsk, which is a mono-industrial city," the press service said.

The organizers have stopped receiving applications and say more than 300 representatives of Russian regions, first of all in the Arctic, will participate in the event.


The conference will offer an interactive platform "Green University," where the participants would be school pupils and university and college students between 16 and 25, the press service said.

"The forum will also feature exhibitions and tours to innovative-technological, engineering and research centers, as well as to centers for collective use of the University's scientific equipment," the press service said. "The conference program will offer sessions at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after Lomonosov (in Arkhangelsk) and at Museum of Wooden Architecture (Malye Korely), as well as tours to museums of Severodvinsk backbone enterprises."

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