Arctic researcher shares 50 years of watching climate change happen

John England has been accumulating Arctic knowledge for five decades.

And the University of Alberta professor emeritus in earth and atmospheric sciences wishes more Canadians would do some Arctic exploration of their own.

"The exquisite beauty of the North is something we underappreciate," he tells The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti.

"This is a heritage we should be safeguarding and cherishing in an increasingly industrialized world. We have a landscape that offers a place of renewal, a place of recharging. It's fragments of the original Earth that are still left."

Arctic states’ main goal is to maintain regional security — diplomat More:

MOSCOW, January 18. /TASS/. The main task of Arctic states is to maintain stability and security in the region, Russian Foreign Ministry Special Envoy Vladimir Barbin said on Wednesday.

"Considering the international situation, the main thing today is to maintain peace, stability and security in the Arctic region and create conditions for raising the quality of people’s life," Barbin said in reply to a question from TASS at the presentation of the 4th international Arctic forum, "The Arctic - Territory of Dialog," that will be held in Arkhangelsk in north Russia on March 29-30.

"And it is good to realize that all the Arctic states confirm their commitment to these goals," he added.

"Last year, the Arctic Council marked its 20th anniversary," the diplomat said.

"In a special statement adopted by foreign ministers, all the Arctic states stated their readiness to continue developing constructive cooperation in the Arctic," he added.


"Last year, the Arctic Council marked its 20th anniversary," the diplomat said.

Climate Researchers Are Setting Up an Arctic Base Camp at Davos

By Jordan Pearson 

On Tuesday morning, a team of climate scientists were busy setting up a mock Arctic base camp at the Swiss resort that is hosting politicians, celebrities, and the global economic elite for the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this week.

Tonight, they’ll sleep in those tents. Tomorrow, they’ll try to convince the most powerful people in the world that they should give a shit about the Arctic, an area of increasing economic importance that’s nonetheless hugely threatened by climate change. 

New tourist cluster to appear in Russian Siberia

The Northern Mosaic Tourist Cluster will reach its design capacity by 2019.

The cluster now is being built in Yakutia under the Federal target program for developing domestic and inbound tourism in Russia.


According to the acting regional Minister for Business Affairs and Tourism Development Tatiana Lebedeva, the first facilities will be put into operation in 2017.

The construction work is underway according to the plan and federal program. At the moment the infrastructure is almost ready. The road and a gas pipe line have been built, construction of power generation facilities continues.

Record-breaking temperatures 'have robbed the Arctic of its winter'

Fort Yukon has recorded Alaska’s coldest ever temperatures but this winter temperatures have been much warmer than usual, leading to dangerously thin ice

By Suzanne Goldenberg, Fort Yukon, Alaska, The Guardian

This year’s record-breaking temperatures have robbed the Arctic of its winter, sending snowmobilers plunging through thin ice into freezing rivers and forcing deliveries of snow to the starting line of Alaska’s legendary Iditarod dogsledding race.

'Extraordinarily hot' Arctic temperatures alarm scientists

By John Vidal, The Guardian               

Danish and US researchers say warmer air and sea surface could lead to record lows of sea ice at north pole next year

The Arctic is experiencing extraordinarily hot sea surface and air temperatures, which are stopping ice forming and could lead to record lows of sea ice at the north pole next year, according to scientists.