Endurance Test: Johanna

A record-holding freediver plunges beneath the perilous Arctic ice British director and photographer Ian Derry talks about his profile of Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad, who holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice, after finding the sport during recovery from a downhill biking accident that almost took her leg: “I became aware of Johanna from her sister who is a photographer. I liked her story—to have such a terrible injury and to overcome it in the most extreme way.

Arctic-COAST I: Indicators, Resilience, and Governance in Arctic Coastal Social-Ecological Systems

This workshop will gather social and physical scientists, as well as community members, policymakers and business representatives to discuss the issues of measuring impacts of development and environmental change on coastal communities and designing sustainable development indicators to assess the condition of coastal social-ecological systems (CoSES). Furthermore, the workshop will discuss the system of science- and community-based indicators can be used for local and national policymaking and improving business opportunities in Arctic coastal towns.

Key themes/questions: