By Jaswin S. Singh

Ice in the arctic is rapidly decreasing as global warming is at its alarming rate. Some scientists have proposed to refreeze the arctic and that move will cost $500 billion.

Physicist Steven Desch and his team have a plan to solve the problem. Their solution is to build wind-powered pumps over the Arctic ice cap. His team is from the Arizona State University and they have laid it all out. According to The Guardian, the pumps will be used during winter. They would be pumping out water to the surface of the ice, and the water will freeze.

The method, which will cost $500 billion, will create 10 million pimps and it would add one meter of ice to the Arctic's two to three meters melting ice caps. Steven Desch said in a newspaper interview that thicker ice would be great as it would last longer. Melting of ice caps during the summer will no longer be a problem because of the extra ice the pumps will give.

Straits Times noted that the Arctic's ice is melting twice as fast as how it was predicted before. It would be completely gone by 2030. In a recently published paper of Dr. Steven Desch, he estimated the project to cost at least $500 billion. It was published in Earth's Future, the journal of the American Geophysical Union.

There are also many other scientists who are concerned about the fast decline of the climate in the Arctic region. In November, it was supposed to freeze more water and add in the ice caps but it became warmer that melted ice rather than freeze them. Many polar bears and other living things in the Arctic region would be gravely affected if the event would continue.

It has been reported before that this plan was brought up back in 2012. Scientist David Keith of Harvard has also said the same solution. However, he asked if it was necessary. He also said that it might do more harm than good to the environment. Other scientists are suggesting that fossil fuel consumption should just be controlled.

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